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Welcome to New Shabbir Metal Works

New Shabbir Metal Works is one of the leading manufacture and exporter of Builders Hardware in Pakistan. Located in Karachi, the home town of Pakistan Metal Works Industry, it aims to offer wide range of products to meet buyer’s requirements at competitive prices. We are working in this field since 1952.

The company strives to build its reputation through its quality products, competitive prices, buyer’s satisfaction, and experienced R & D skills. Our uncompromising attention to delivering value for money is the reason. Why we are recognized as the premier manufacture and exporter of door and window hardware.


  • Personalized Solutions - Tailored to a clients' requirements
  • Staff Quality - Skilled and experienced consultants
  • We shall comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • Scope of Service - One-stop solution for all Metal Works needs
  • Conserve natural resouraces and ensure that protection of the environment



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